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A beginners guide to birdwatching in the Shaw Wilderness Park

Nature on the wing

One of the most fascinating aspects of the area bordering Williams Lake is the rich diversity of bird life. Some are year round residents, and others migrate through, but all are specialized for life in unique ecological niches . The area is part of the Purcells Cove Backlands, home base for at least 95 bird species that nest, hunt, forage and dive in the waters, woods, meadows and wetlands. They can be spotted on the wing, tending nests, or foraging for food, and can often be heard calling even when they can’t be seen.

A walk through the Shaw Wilderness Park is an opportunity to witness nature in action.This colourful guide features prominent birds that can be seen throughout the 360-acre wilderness park on Williams Lake. Use it to follow blazed trails to identify and enjoy some of the park’s bird inhabitants in their natural habitats.

A beginners guide to birdwatching in the Shaw Wilderness Park

To download your own copy of this guide click here.


Watch this space for an upcoming guide to Invasive Plant Species that threaten the fragile balance of the Williams Lake watershed – coming in Spring 2023.