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The WLCC (Williams Lake Conservation Company) is a volunteer, non-profit community organization founded in 1968 in order to promote the health of Williams Lake and its watershed for the benefit of all. Everyone who shares the objectives of WLCC is welcome as a member.

By making a donation you strengthen the role of the Williams Lake Conservation Company as we work together toward the common goals in our Mission statement.

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Who are we?

The WLCC advocates and makes representations to the public and various authorities in support of the lake and on behalf of our members. Williams Lake is situated across the Northwest Arm from the Halifax peninsula. Stories of the lake and its surrounding landscape began centuries ago as the Mi’kmaq people made yearly visits to the area. The lake has a rich and diverse working history dating back to the mid 1700s. In the 1800s the lake was used to supply ice to the residents of Halifax. In the twentieth century local people began to use the lake primarily for recreation.

Our Successes

Your WLCC membership helps support our investigations about the health and vitality of Williams Lake. The WLCC gets action.

  • Research on plant and bird species contributed to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) creation of the Shaw Wilderness Park
  • Water monitoring, road salt monitoring and relationships with HRM led to stopping road salt on streets close to the lake
  • Monitoring of development proposals led to changes in developer plans to the benefit of Williams Lake

Our Strategies

  • Measure and track water quality and levels for Colpitt Lake and Williams Lake for over 25 years
  • Advocate for actions to prevent the steady decline in water levels due to less water flowing into the lake compounded by an ineffective, ageing dam
  • Research on plant and wildlife species
  • Listen to HRM residents who share our passion for this watershed
  • Inform and collaborate with our local representatives, government and other organizations like Our HRM Alliance and Backlands Coalition
  • Talk to developers about ways to improve their projects

Through our stewardship activities we are creating ecological profiles of the area. This information is intended to continue to protect Williams Lake and its watershed so this habitat will remain in its natural state for wildlife and people to use and enjoy for generations.

Did you know?

  • WLCC keeps data on the water levels in the lake and threats to our clean water from road salt, E.coli and other pollutants
  • Our bird study found 52 breeding bird species including the Common Loon, Great Horned Owl, Bald Eagle, Cedar Waxwing and various species of warblers
  • Our study found that many species use Williams Lake as a staging area for their long migration over open seas. This feeding site is key to the survival of migrating birds that pass through Nova Scotia
  • The Williams Lake area has many rocky barrens where Jack Pine and Broom Crowberry grow in association with each other. This is unique in Canada, globally rare and important to protect
  • The massive rock outcroppings and boulder fields of the Williams Lake watershed ecosystems regulate and filter run-off and deliver purified water to Williams Lake

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Your donation to the WLCC helps to protect the lake and its watershed.

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The WLCC works with other community organizations to advocate for responsible urban development, liveable communities and sustainable land use.

We are pleased to have supported the creation of the Shaw Wilderness Park. We work with users of the park to actively protect the park and the Williams Lake watershed.

Your donation to the WLCC helps to protect the lake and its watershed.

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