Flora & Fauna: Studies & Gallery

The Williams Lake Backlands is rich in native flora and fauna. From time to time the Williams Lake Conservation Company commissions assessments, studies, and reports on various aspects of the area.

The following studies detail some aspects of this valuable resource.

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…and here’s a colourful and informative guide to Nova Scotia’s Species at Risk:

  • The Halifax Field Naturalists have a set of photos that illustrates the regeneration of vegetation over 16 months after an intense fire swept through forest and barrens in the vicinity of Spryfield, Nova Scotia on April 30, 2009. Note that this article was written some years before the establishment of the Shaw Wildnerness Park on land adjacent to the affected area. There was also a smaller fire on lands between Colpitt and Williams Lakes in 2012.
    Regeneration of Forest and Barrens after the Spryfield Fire of April 30, 2009  (Download PDF)

A Photo Gallery of Williams Lake Plants and Inhabitants