Invasive species in the Williams Lake watershed

Helping to protect Nature’s delicate balance

Water enters Williams Lake from the surrounding watershed, a diverse area that includes wetlands and meadows but also local streets and homes. Plants and animals have adapted to the unique environment of the watershed, creating thriving ecosystems that support a rich diversity of bird, insect and animal life. They form a community that is self-sustaining over time.

But what happens when plants or animals from far away regions are introduced? Such alien species can crowd out native plants, and do serious damage to local habitats where animals nest and the food sources they rely on. Local residents and visitors to the watershed can help by following the recommendations in this guide, which provides an overview on the problem of invasive plants, suggestions on how to help, and some further resources.

Also… click this link to view our current factsheet cards on invasive plant species.

Invasive species in the Williams Lake watershed

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