Williams Lake Dam Gallery

A Gallery of Past Photos of Williams Lake Water Levels

For those interested in protecting the health of Williams Lake, there is no greater concern than the dam at the eastern edge of the lake. Here, water exits the lake and flows down Lawsons Creek into the Northwest Arm. Over many decades the dam has deteriorated so that it no longer holds back enough water to keep the lake at optimal historic levels.

This gallery of photos records the effect of annual low water levels, especially during summer months when there is little rain. While low water level is apparent at the dam, it is in the lakes many coves and inlets that the devastation can be best appreciated. What follows is a selection of photos that show a variety of areas where the lake is seriously impacted.

The shallower the inlet, the greater the area of exposed lake bottom, which allows weeds and grasses to sprout. As these plants die back and rot at the end of each year, the organic matter in the lake increases, and the bottom rises to become even more shallow the following year. Each summer large sections of the lake are no longer fit for paddling, let alone swimming, and access points such as Acorn Road are cut off for people wishing to use the lake.

The Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) and the recently formed Williams Lake Dam Association (WLDA) are leading coordinated effort to address the issue of low water levels. Both have had the support of local politicians and partner organizations and the Halifax Regional Municipality has initiated a study of the situation.

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