Our Mission

Our Mission

The Williams Lake Conservation Company is a volunteer, non-profit community organization that was established in 1968.

The WLCC was founded in order to promote the health of Williams Lake and its watershed for the benefit of all. Everyone who shares this objective is welcome as a member.  We need your input and your ideas.  Some members live close to the lake but many do not.  Current annual dues are $20 per household per year.

Some current activities that the WLCC is involved with:

  • protecting public access to swimming areas on Williams Lake
  • consultation with developers and monitoring their activities to reduce impacts of planned developments on the Williams Lake/Colpitt Lake watershed
  • investigation of land ownership in the Williams Lake watershed
  • regular lab testing of the water in Colpitt Lake and Williams Lake for health and swimming safety
  • monitoring and long-term analysis of Williams Lake water levels
  • investigation of the most appropriate options for maintenance of the dam at the southeast end of Williams Lake (Lawson's Creek)
  • continuing to inform the public of issues concerning Williams Lake and its watershed by means of newsletters and bulletins distributed to members, all area residents and the media
  • providing a forum for people's concerns about the lake and its watershed.


WLCC "Memorandum of Association"

The Memorandum of Association is the foundation containing all the basic details of the organization. Here is the Memorandum of Association of WLCC Ltd [pdf].

WLCC "Articles of Association"

The Articles of Association is an organization's governing document. It sets out the organization's that govern the company’s internal affairs, management, and conduct. Here is the  Articles of Association of WLCC Ltd. [pdf].