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Shaw Park Cleanup 2022

Shaw Cleanup Team

Nine garbage bags stuffed with trash from three deserted camp sites were hauled out of the Shaw Wilderness Park (SWP) by a team of environmentally-conscientious volunteers. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and partner organization Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) coordinated efforts to recruit volunteers, lead the cleanup, remove the trash, tidy the area, and leave with no trace of ever being there. (photo: Cathy Vaughan)

Fix for dam discussed

disintegrating Williams Lake dam

The WLCC and partner organization Williams Lake Dam Association (WLDA) have been meeting with various government departments for almost 2 years advocating for a fix for the Williams Lake dam. Recently, Minister of Public Works Kim Masland asked Nova Scotia Lands Inc., a crown corporation, to meet with the two groups for a preliminary discussion on the current state of the Williams Lake dam and the safety issues with the dramatic fluctuation in lake levels. (photo: Cathy Vaughan)

Shaw Wilderness Park Clean Up, Sat Aug 6

Shaw Park

Spend the day helping to preserve a beautiful park located right in Halifax! The Shaw Wilderness Park is frequented by many visitors every year and so it is important to keep it clean for all to enjoy. We will spend the day cleaning up debris from around the park. (photo: Andrew Heygers, NCC)

(Please note: this will be a physically demanding task, and a moderate to high fitness level is required.)