WLCC Newsletter 2023

The Williams Lake Conservation Company Newsletter 2023 Available

In the leadup to the WLCC Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd our annual Newsletter has been published

Our 2023 Newsletter is available for download. Click here for a PDF copy or scroll down this page to read.

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Learn about the families who have donated property to protect the Backlands: The families want to protect the unique ecosystems, important wildlife corridors, distinctive land formations and the globally-rare Jack Pine-Broom Crowberry communities. They feel it is important to provide permanent public access to these stunningly beautiful properties.

See the Regional Plan Update: The WLCC is a founding member of the Backlands Coalition (BC). Both organizations have been participating in the Halifax Regional Municipality Plan Review, the results of which will affect the future of the Backlands.

Read the WLCC Dam Committee Report: The Province of has committed to fix the failing dam which is a cause for falling lake levels. Get the details and see the latest water level measurements.

Water quality monitoring continues as part of our work: Interest intesified last year with the appearance of blue-green algae on two occasions. We’ve published our latest measurements from three key locations.

Learn about the WLCC’s invasive species guides and factsheets: The WLCC has published an overview to invasive plant species in the Williams Lake watershed as well as the first in a continuing series of factsheets on specific plants that you should be aware of.

All this and more is in the WLCC’s Annual Newsletter below…


WLCC Newsletter 2023