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WLCC November 2022 AGM Available on YouTube

Title slide for 2022 WLCC AGM

If you’ve never attended one of our Annual General Meetings perhaps you’ve wondered what the WLCC does. Are you interested to know about our watershed monitoring, research, and studies? How do we work to protect the lake and what do we do as part of the Backlands Coalition to support conservation in this fragile area? What other issues does the WLCC concern itself with? What do the WLCC finances look like? Now you view the entire AGM or sections of specific interest on our YouTube channel.

Fix for dam discussed

disintegrating Williams Lake dam

The WLCC and partner organization Williams Lake Dam Association (WLDA) have been meeting with various government departments for almost 2 years advocating for a fix for the Williams Lake dam. Recently, Minister of Public Works Kim Masland asked Nova Scotia Lands Inc., a crown corporation, to meet with the two groups for a preliminary discussion on the current state of the Williams Lake dam and the safety issues with the dramatic fluctuation in lake levels. (photo: Cathy Vaughan)

Conservationists and Developers

Map of lakeside property

“Creating public access to Williams Lake is a top priority for the WLCC,” says conservation advocate Kathleen Hall, a longtime member of the board of directors. “That is why we are currently following a recent request for zoning change on a 9.4-acre parcel of land on Purcell’s Cove Road that would potentially close an historically significant and well-used path, ‘Lover’s Lane,’ that leads to the shores of Williams Lake. This is an opportunity to work with the developer to preserve this culturally significant path through the HRM “Park Designation” by-law and we are asking to meet with the developer.”