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Houseboats – a housing solution?

Gaudy houseboat

Houseboats – what could be more pleasant than floating on a calm lake, relaxing on your own front deck? Well, the dream might be a little closer for some lucky Haligonians. Halifax will now join urban centres like Vancouver and Toronto in offering houseboat mooring for onboard living. Williams Lake is set to be part of the pilot project.

HRM to Recommend Province Take on Williams Lake Dam

Williams Lake Dam

HRM’s Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee (ESSC) addressed the much-anticipated staff report on the Williams Lake dam. The staff report fell flat in several areas, but the big take-away is the recommendation that Halifax Regional Council request the mayor to ask the province to assume responsibility for repairs or replacement of the Williams Lake dam.

‘We’re being passed around’

Murray Coolican

Saltwire: “It’s a leaky dam, but it’s more like a hot potato.

“And for many of the residents who live near Williams Lake in Spryfield, they just want governments to work together to get the problem solved.

““As a resident, we feel like we’re being passed around by these levels of government,” said resident Sanja Trussell.” [Photo: Tim Krochak]