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Iceboating on Williams Lake – Seize the Day

Iceboating on Williams Lake NS

Hurtling across a frozen lake at whip-lash speeds, feet-first, on your back, on a plank, centimetres from the ice is what iceboaters live for! The bone-numbing temperatures, the frightening speeds and the exhilarating thrill of a swift sail on a smooth sheet of ice is worth the wait. But the universe has to align for optimum conditions before passionate iceboaters can safely seize the day.

HRM to Recommend Province Take on Williams Lake Dam

Williams Lake Dam

HRM’s Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee (ESSC) addressed the much-anticipated staff report on the Williams Lake dam. The staff report fell flat in several areas, but the big take-away is the recommendation that Halifax Regional Council request the mayor to ask the province to assume responsibility for repairs or replacement of the Williams Lake dam.