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Houseboats – a housing solution?

Gaudy houseboat

Houseboats – what could be more pleasant than floating on a calm lake, relaxing on your own front deck? Well, the dream might be a little closer for some lucky Haligonians. Halifax will now join urban centres like Vancouver and Toronto in offering houseboat mooring for onboard living. Williams Lake is set to be part of the pilot project.

WLCC November 2022 AGM Available on YouTube

Title slide for 2022 WLCC AGM

If you’ve never attended one of our Annual General Meetings perhaps you’ve wondered what the WLCC does. Are you interested to know about our watershed monitoring, research, and studies? How do we work to protect the lake and what do we do as part of the Backlands Coalition to support conservation in this fragile area? What other issues does the WLCC concern itself with? What do the WLCC finances look like? Now you view the entire AGM or sections of specific interest on our YouTube channel.