UPDATE: Winter Road Salt Changes for Williams Lake Area

The WLCC community was very attentive to the first street and sidewalk treatments of the year, and quickly identified and reported the treatments of Wenlock, Litchfield, Wyndrock and Birchview. Sadly the greatest burden was on the sidewalks, though Birchview and Litchfield received street salt. Everyone reported to HRM and Christie Cashman managed to identify and speak to Troy Colpitts, who is in charge of sidewalk clearing, and confirmed that it was a basically a mistake. I had an apology from Trevor Harvie, Superintendent of Winter operations for HRM and they actually came and swept up the salt from the sidewalks. I realized that with my original notice, which reproduced Mr Harvie’s list of revised street treatments, that I had failed to include the following paragraph on sidewalks:

In addition to the change of surface treatments on the identified streets, HRM will also begin servicing the sidewalks adjacent to these streets with a sand mix product instead of road salt. It was recognized at the meeting that salt shall be used on the sidewalks if public safety is compromised.”

If you continue to see salting of our sidewalks please query it immediately with the city at the 311 number and let me know what’s going on.

Best wishes

Robin Whyte, President
Williams Lake Conservation Company


UPDATE: Winter Road Salt Changes for Williams Lake Area