Summer Reminders

Some things to keep in mind while you enjoy Williams Lake:

  • Reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, their runoff encourages plant growth in the area and adversely affects wildlife in the water. Shampoo residues are also undesirable in the lake water.
  • An invasive aquatic plant, Yellow Floating Heart, has been noted in Little Albro Lake, Dartmouth. This plant resembles native water lilies, but is an invasive Asian species used as a pond ornamental, which can rapidly take over lakes which it invades. It is important not to allow this species to spread to other lakes, which can happen through transport of leaves, roots or flowers.  Please click here for a Fact Sheet. If you see this plant in other locations, please take a sample for identification and contact your local office of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources.
  • For lakeside residents, the best way to protect the lake is to maintain the natural vegetation at the lake’s edge. This natural buffer is its best protection. Please be a good steward and leave it undisturbed.
  • Bring the pooper-scooper when you walk your dog.
  • Too many ducks create health problems for swimmers. Please do not feed the ducks in Williams Lake.
  • Keep away from the loons. They will abandon their nest or young if threatened by close encounters.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the lake but PLEASE TAKE ALL GARBAGE AWAY WITH YOU.
Summer Reminders