Buy the Land! Fix the Dam!

Our Friends in and about Williams Lake have been working hard to reassemble the Committee addressing Williams Lake water levels (aka Dam Committee) and has issued the following announcement on the Pine Bluff Facebook group’s website. We were invited to include it on our WLCC website which we are happy to do, with thanks to the Pine Bluff folks for their continued work.

Buy the Land!

Fix the Dam!!

We are sooooo close to our financial target to buy the land for the Wilderness Park on our lake!! The Halifax Wilderness Park is ready to open later this year pending a successful fundraising campaign.

Thank you to those who have already made a gift in support of this amazing park at our doorstep!

Nature Conservancy of Canada encourages you to help raise awareness and funds for this important project on William’s Lake. Think about a fundraising function involving your friends or neighbours. Every $$$ counts!!

The staff of the Nature Conservancy of Canada can help.

Your contacts are:

Faith Flemming and Craig Smith





Buy the Land! Fix the Dam!