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Wilderness Park Public Hearing, July 17

Public Hearing on Wilderness Park
Set for City Hall, July 17

Region Council has scheduled Public Hearing to discuss details of the agreements to purchase the lands that will become the Wilderness Park. It will be important to have people present in the public gallery and a few speakers at the microphone. Oral submissions are limited to 5 minutes.

The following notice has been given:
[The full announcement is posted on HRM’s website. Click here]

“Regional Council intends to consider and if deemed advisable, approve the sale of a conservation easement at less than market value to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. This is part of a proposal for Halifax Regional Municipality to acquire the lands of Clayton Developments Limited to establish a park to be named Shaw Wilderness Park. Under this arrangement, Halifax Regional Municipality will acquire the lands for $6,600,000. The Nature Conservancy of Canada will subsequently pay the municipality $2,500,000 in exchange for a conservation easement being applied to the lands, which will serve to help protect its ecological values and limit activities to those which are consistent with a wilderness park, such as hiking and nature appreciation, in perpetuity. The municipality recognizes the value of the conservation easement as $3,300,000. The sale at $2,500,000 to a non-profit organization is a less than market value that requires a public hearing pursuant section 63 (1) Halifax Regional Municipality Charter.

“The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at Halifax City Hall (Council Chamber), 3rd Floor, 1841 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS. All oral and written submissions will be considered at that time. Written submissions may be forwarded to the Municipal Clerk by mail, P.O. Box 1749, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3A5; by fax, 902-490-4208; or by e-mail, [email protected]

“Written submissions should be received by the Municipal Clerk’s office as early as possible and not later than 3:00 p.m. on July 17, 2018. For any written submissions exceeding three standard letter sized pages in length, 30 copies must be supplied to the Municipal Clerk’s office.”


For further information about the proposal, please contact Richard Harvey, Manager of Policy and Planning, Parks and Recreation:

[email protected]

Halifax Regional Municipality
P.O. Box 1749
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3A5

Wilderness Park Public Hearing, July 17