Join Us: The WLCC Annual General Meeting & Membership Drive

Annual General Meeting for the Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC)
Wednesday, October 28 at 7 PM

Open to the Public
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We write to you wishing the best for your health and well-being in this exceptional year: 2020.The WLCC has existed for more than 50 years and relies on volunteers and a supportive membership. We need our members now more than ever and our membership committee has made it easier to renew membership or join WLCC through the use of email, website registration and e-transfer. Membership enables us to represent the interests of the many people concerned about the welfare of the lake and to collect essential dues to keep our work going. Each year we will send reminders when membership has expired.

Please become a member or renew your membership now. Go to our Membership Page and follow the cues. Please consider a donation to keep our work going. The activities of the WLCC such as water testing, running our website and commissioning studies represent only some of our costs.

Over the past few years the work of WLCC has focused on the establishment of Shaw Wilderness Park in our Backlands and watershed. This new park performs triple stewardship duty for Williams Lake and Colpitt Lake by: preserving water quality; allowing clean and granite filtered runoff to bolster lake water levels; protecting habitat for native plants and wildlife; and maintaining public access to Williams Lake in perpetuity. In addition, our volunteers have kept careful watch on salting of roads near the lake, tested the water regularly and published the results. We continue our work with HRM, the Backlands Coalition and the newly formed Williams Lake Dam Association to understand the factors contributing to decreased water levels in Williams Lake.

The time is now to support WLCC and our volunteers in the continued stewardship of Williams Lake and its watershed. Please join us, consider a donation and participate in our virtual AGM at 7 PM on October 28 th .

Thank you for supporting Williams Lake and keeping it a healthy place for all.

WLCC Membership Committee

Join Us: The WLCC Annual General Meeting & Membership Drive