Potential Blue-green Algal Bloom in Williams lake NS

Concerns About Toxic Blue-Green Algal Bloom in Some Areas

Unfortunately, microscopic examination of a water sample taken this afternoon near Wyndrock Drive and Litchfield Crescent, is consistent with a blue-green algal bloom.

Stock photo: Blue Green Algal Bloom

It had become more dispersed than it looked in photos submitted from the day before but was still evident from the shoreline near the stormwater outflow. There was no sign of it opposite properties between Litchfield, Wenlock, and Hall’s Road. The water sample from there looked clear. In absence of definitive DNA and toxin testing, best to assume it is not safe.

Residents along the Wyndrock to Litchfield shore need to be careful about being in the water. Dam end looked clear to on Sunday and Cunard pond by the public beach looks clear.

This may be an issue of wind driving material into that corner of the lake by junction of Wyndrock and Litchfield combined with nutrient run-off from lawns and recent hot weather.

Note: “nutrient run-off” in lakeside residential areas is often due to the use of lawn and garden fertilizers near the shoreline.

You can read more about blue-green algal blooms on the Nova Scotia Government environment page (click here). A report has been sent to the Nova Scotia Environment Office.

Potential Blue-green Algal Bloom in Williams lake NS