WLCC Meets with Sambro Road Property Advisors

Representatives from WLCC Meet with Representatives of 48-50 Sambro Road Developer


HALIFAX-April 2, 2021– On March 23 representatives of the WLCC met with Cesar Saleh of WM Fares Group and Ray Landry, a civil engineer with SDMM. Mr. Saleh explained to the WLCC that the Fares Group is advising RC Jane Properties, the owner and developer of 48-50 Sambro Road. They explained the proposal and the application to have the land re-zoned to allow for the construction of a 6 to 13 unit building on the two properties.

The WLCC explained their concerns about the project including the impact on the Catamaran Ponds, the Williams Lake watershed, and wildlife in the area. They also indicated that the WLCC oppose the re-zoning and would prefer to see no construction on the property.

The WLCC asked about affordable housing and the representatives for RC Jane Properties responded that there was no commitment to affordable units.

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WLCC Meets with Sambro Road Property Advisors