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World Nature Conservation Day: July 28, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a lake, then you are lucky enough!                        Williams Lake – July, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a lake, then you are lucky enough!
Williams Lake – July, 2022 (photo: C. Vaughan)

World Nature Conservation Day

by Cathy Vaughan

The Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) has been lucky enough to have had the support of a strong volunteer board of directors to protect Williams Lake and its watershed since 1968! Loyal volunteers continue to advocate with government, political parties, homeowners and lake lovers to promote conservation practices for Williams Lake and its watershed.
The World Nature Conservation Day is observed internationally on July 28 and WLCC asks you to continue to preserve your local environment and natural recreational resources in order to keep you, your community and your city healthy.

Five ways you can act locally and contribute globally to World Nature Conservation Day – 2022!

1. Your Time

Lots of choices for your time, skills and energy to volunteer with local organizations working for environmental change. Organize a clean-up for your neighbourhood parks, help at a local wildlife rehab centre and get involved politically by requesting sustainable solutions from your local government representatives, your Councillor or MLA. Urban Farm Museum Society of Spryfield, Ecology Action Centre, McIntosh Run Watershed Association, Purcell’s Cove Backlands Coalition, Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Williams Lake Conservation Company and Nature Conservancy of Canada are all fuelled by volunteers like you. They would definitely appreciate your help!

2. Your Resources

Even small donations make a big difference to non-profit organizations. Consider a regular monthly e-transfer of a small donation to your local environmental organization with a focus on your own conservation beliefs – reforesting, recycling, wildlife conservation, etc.

3. Your “Reduce Reuse Recycle” Routine

Always the right time for you to start! Small acts equal big changes. Make it a habit to choose more sustainable consumer goods, use less water and energy, try composting and take the bus! All doable!

4. Your Conservation Issues

Learn. Share. Follow. There are many local conservation efforts in your own neighbourhood which offer seminars, field trips and opportunities to learn about environmental issues. As you learn more, share your support for conservation in person and online for others to learn, share and follow. Follow us at WLCC as well as Nature Conservancy of Canada, Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Birds Canada, Citizen’s Climate Lobby and Ducks Unlimited Canada, to name just a few.

5. Your Shovel

Plant a tree, garden with natural species of plants, protect the riparian areas of your lake with your shovel and efforts. The Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society has suggestions for Maritime gardeners who want to naturalize their land and riparian areas close to water courses and lakes.

Think globally. Act locally!

Lake shoreline
Think Globally, Act Locally
(photo: C. Vaughan)
World Nature Conservation Day: July 28, 2022