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Month: June 2022

Dam Update: June 2022

Williams Lake Dam 1 July 2021

Public Works Minister Kim Masland asked NS Lands Inc., a provincial Crown Corporation, to meet with the Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) and partner organization Williams Lake Dam Association (WLDA) to discuss issues about the deteriorating Williams Lake dam. According to their website, Nova Scotia Lands Inc. “continues to work with other departments and agencies to develop safety plans for dams and water control structures to mitigate against risks from severe weather events, such as flooding or breaches.”

HRM’s environmental policies take a back seat to development

Sidewalk next to green space

“The city’s Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee met last Thursday and got a presentation from Our HRM Alliance. The alliance is a group focused on preventing climate change, and it’s noticed that Halifax Regional Municipality’s big planning documents are announced with much fanfare but then poorly implemented, if at all.” -Matt Strickland, The Coast (photo: Kyle Shaw)