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Month: July 2022

Shaw Wilderness Park Clean Up, Sat Aug 6

Shaw Park

Spend the day helping to preserve a beautiful park located right in Halifax! The Shaw Wilderness Park is frequented by many visitors every year and so it is important to keep it clean for all to enjoy. We will spend the day cleaning up debris from around the park. (photo: Andrew Heygers, NCC)

(Please note: this will be a physically demanding task, and a moderate to high fitness level is required.)

Conservationists and Developers

Map of lakeside property

“Creating public access to Williams Lake is a top priority for the WLCC,” says conservation advocate Kathleen Hall, a longtime member of the board of directors. “That is why we are currently following a recent request for zoning change on a 9.4-acre parcel of land on Purcell’s Cove Road that would potentially close an historically significant and well-used path, ‘Lover’s Lane,’ that leads to the shores of Williams Lake. This is an opportunity to work with the developer to preserve this culturally significant path through the HRM “Park Designation” by-law and we are asking to meet with the developer.”

Sambro Rd – Done Deal

Catamaran Ponds

“The NS Utilities and Review Board (NSUARB) has allowed an appeal by the owner of 48-50 Old Sambro Road to overturn the decision made by HRM Community Council to turn down an application for re-zoning. This means the zoning will be changed to enable the development of a multi-unit, 4-story dwelling with underground parking.” -Murray Coolican