Summer Music Festival Coming to the Backlands

Hank Rogers Festival moving to the Backlands

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A well-camouflaged Nighthawk ground “nest”
The SOTA Klezmer-Reggae band Max8-Flight-Safety will perform in the main bandstand
The Soca-Klezmer Grunge band Max8-Flight-Safety will play the main stage
Iron Chalice
The monumental heavy metal sound of PEI’s Iron Chalice,
Doxie and the Screamers
Local Spryfield Garage Band Doxie and the Screamers
 Bertie and Bernice
Celtic Reflections, known for their harmonic tones of banjo and washboard
Portable toilets will be transported via local trails
Sanitation: always a concern
Organizers hope to avoid scenes like these…
Liquor bottles may be eligable for a recycling refund
Master/Slave Dialectic will appear as part of their Wildfire Tour 2024

Top marks to those who spotted the twisted pun names and our fictional sponsors (recognize any?).
Our deepest apologies for Rickrolling you (click for explanation).

See you next year!

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Summer Music Festival Coming to the Backlands
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