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WLCC Newsletter 2020 Available for Download

Williams Lake Conservation Company Fall 2020 Newsletter Published

Our Fall 2020 Newsletter is now available! Click here to download or scroll down this page.

Williams Lake at Sunset

  • Read about the formation of the Williams Lake Dam Association (WLDA) and the media.coverage of the drastically low water levels in the lake due to the crumbling dam.
  • Learn about further threats to water levels and quality as undeveloped private land adjacent to the Shaw Wilderness Park is put up for sale.
  • Consider the value of True Common Wealth in the article by Nick Ross who writes, “Loving neighbours and reserves of forest and lakes that are free to all can protect and restore people as well as the land.”
  • Join us! The WLCC welcomes new members, to help support the important goal of preserving the lake and its watershed.
  • New members and volunteers are always welcome to join the WLCC – there are lots of opportunities for everyone to lead or support efforts to monitor and protect the lake and adjacent woodlands. For more information on membership in the Williams Lake Conservation Company click here.

The Newsletter includes an open invitation for anyone with an interest in Williams Lake and the Backlands to attend the WLCC Annual General Meeting (AGM). Meet members, learn more, get involved! The AGM was held on Wednesday October 28, 7:00pm via the Zoom video conferencing system. Click here to review materials from presentations made at the event.

For past newsletters heck out the Newsletter page on this website..

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WLCC Newsletter 2020 Available for Download