WLCC November 2022 AGM Available on YouTube

The Williams Lake Conservation Company Annual General Meeting

On November 16th 2022 the Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) held its Annual General Meeting via Zoom video conferencing. During the Pandemic, our AGMs were virtual. However, planning for the 2023 AGM is already under way and we hope to be greeting you in person in the usual month of June, 2023.

If you’ve never attended one of our Annual General Meetings perhaps you’ve wondered what the WLCC does. Are you interested to know about our watershed monitoring, research, and studies? How do we work to protect the lake and what do we do as part of the Backlands Coalition to support conservation in this fragile area? What other issues does the WLCC concern itself with? What do the WLCC finances look like? Now you view the entire AGM or sections of specific interest with the links below:

The 2022 WLCC AGM on our YouTube Channel

The 2022 AGM video on YouTube is conveniently divided into sections. The notes on the YouTube page list the sections with links to the start of each. Clicking on the links below also takes you directly to each section of the video:

0:00 Start of AGM (view the entire AGM video conference or jump to any of the sections below)
1:35 Williams Lake Watershed Report
40:18 WLCC Treasurer’s Report (where do our funds come from an how do we spend them?)
44:22 Dam Committee Report (updates on the failing Williams Lake dam)
54:00 Sparrows, Hawks, & Doves etc. (Activities for bird lovers and more)
1:12:41 HRM Regional Plan
1:18:11 Election of WLCC Directors
1:21:38 Question and Answers
1:21:50 Hartlen Park parking lot (did a wetland get paved over?)
1:44:00 Wrap Up of AGM

WLCC November 2022 AGM Available on YouTube