Love Your Lake begins shorline property survey

Love Your Lake hits the water to begin shoreline property survey

Kelly Schnare of the Love Your Lake program was on the water today for the Williams Lake shoreline property survey. Most of the lake has been surveyed with the exception of areas where access was impossible due to low water levels. Those areas are scheduled to be surveyed in the Fall.

Kelly Schnare in kayak
Kelly Schnare surveys Williams Lake for Love Your Lake property assessments

Most property owners on these shorelines have had LYLinformation packages delivered by WLCC volunteers. The rest of the property owners can expect to receive their package, which includes a personal survey, by the end of August. Those who are away during the summer will be contacted when they return home.

Once the shoreline survey is complete the data will be processed by Love Your Lake and confidential shoreline reports will be made available to homeowners with lakeside property.

Sample Shoreline Property Report

Here is a sample shoreline property owner report to give you some idea of what to expect:
(You can view below or download the PDF by clicking here)


Love Your Lake begins shorline property survey
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