Old Sambro Road. Dangerous Deer Crossing

Deer Crossing Old Sambro Rd

The small lot at 48-50 Old Sambro Road is an important wildlife corridor. The vacant lot is a gateway for animals to move safely from Long Lake to Governors Brook to McIntosh Run and through to the Purcell’s Cove backlands. A 3-story, 13 unit apartment building would block this corridor. [Wildlife cross busy intersection to get to 48-50 Old Sambro Road. Photo: Ronnie Boutilier]

Catamaran Pond’s Wetlands at risk


The Williams Lake Conservation Conservation Company (WLCC) is asking for your support. A proposed zoning change in the area of Catamaran Ponds, Spryfield, is under consideration by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). On behalf of Halifax residents who enjoy these lakes, the WLCC is raising the issue of how development next to the ponds will degrade water quality and disrupt water flow to the lakes.