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Month: November 2021

A Natural Classroom

A Natural Classroom

The Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) has been involved with the health and preservation of Williams Lake and its watershed since 1968. Today, we continue to see university students, supervised by some of our WLCC academics, studying, testing, researching and contributing their findings to our continuing efforts to protect the lake and its watershed.

UPDATE: Rezoning of 48-50 Old Sambro Road (Case #22890) defeated

HRM rezoning sign

Halifax & West Community Council last night rejected the motion to ‘upzone’ the properties at 48 & 50 Old Sambro Road from R2 to R3. This defeat prevents R3 zoning which would have allowed a three story apartment building with underground parking next to Governors Brook and Catamaran Ponds which flow into Colpitt Lake and on down to Williams Lake.